Herbicides Best Practices 2016 - 1 Named Seat - Video Playback

4 modules

Course Length
6 hours

Multiple Panels



* * * * For Special Program Funding and Replay Pricing Info See Below* * * *

Program 1: Why do we Spray? (ASSESS)

This program will start by discussing why we spray, examine a variety of situational scenarios and application techniques, which plants to control, and ground water issues to consider.


Program 2: Pre-Operations Planning (PLAN)

This program will cover working with spray contractors including training, pre-flight checklists, shared responsibilities and compliance.


Program 3: Managing the Day of Event (EXECUTE)

This program will review final pre-ops, detailed spray day project plans, post-op protocols, and crisis management and regulatory concerns. 


Program 4: Being a Good Neighbor

This program will examine what protocols should be in place to minimize adverse effects to those neighboring your spray site.


* * * * Program Funding and Replay Pricing Information* * * *

Original production of this 8 hour series was funded by Oregon Forest Resources Institute and Oregonians for Food and Shelter.  Original live-show registration cost was $200.  A one-year personal replay license is $24.95.  


Our time-efficient, information-rich program is structured to address specific industry concerns to keep relevancy high—optimizing usefulknowledge transfer for attendees.

Recertification Credits

  • Programs 1-3 were eligible for ODA Pesticide recertification credits from proctored locations. Program 4 was not.
  • The Society of American Foresters has approved all four programs for 1.5 credit hours each.
  • To request recertification credits, please follow the instructions on your course confirmation email


Herbicides Session 1-Why do we Spray?
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Herbicides Session 2-Pre-Operations Planning
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Herbicides Session 3-Managing the Day of Event
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Herbicides Session 4-Being a Good Neighbor
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