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There are five types of large forest landowners in the PNW.  Each handles harvest and regeneration in its own unique way – historically working in isolation from the others.  The new imperatives to manage forests on a landscape scale (across property lines) means that all landowner types have to collaborate as never before. 

This will be easier if each understands the practices and organizational imperatives of the other.

This course puts role players from each landowner type on panels to present to each other their methods and compare notes.

“You covered so much in so short a time. Excellent job by all on a complex topic. Many thanks.“  Jennifer Gorski, Oregon State University, Forestry Extension Service

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This course/module contains 4 sessions:

Session One    -   Assessing Units and Projects

Session Two    -   Planning

Session Three -   Operations

Session Four   -   Financial Tradeoffs and Good Neighbor


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Help owners, line managers, and individual contributors to understand where the other landowner types are the same, where they’re different, and why.

Enable more effective collaboration, and faster and easier.

Detailed Course Objectives and Agendas are below.



Session 1: Assessing Units and Projects
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Session 2: Pre-Operations Planning
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Session 3: Operations
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Session 4: Financial Trade-Offs, and Good Neighbor Outreach
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